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Next s20 update


Ok so i still want to address the stupid camera issues on the s20 series. Does anyone know when the s20 normal version will recieve a firmware update?


From reading some of the reviews and comments on twitter the update doesn't resolve the quality of the photos taken. It definitly needs a number of updates. 


One things for sure once my 2 year contract comes to end I will be going back to iPhone. This is the worst phone in comparison to having the S8 plus and 9 plus.


Update CT out today for S20+ in the UK.


thank you for the heads up bro. got mine today


Received my S20 Ultea 512gb March 10th..


Software was on ATBM.. (March)

Received update to ATCH.. (March)

Received update to ATCT.. (April) on TODAY..


Now we are waiting for the next update which is already been released, that would be ATD1..




After some researching I think we will always have some autofocus issues on the ULTRA as the S20 , S20+  both use dual pixel auto focus (DPAF) which is superior to the phase detection auto focus (PDAF) on the S20 Ultra.. 


S20 ultra is supposed to be the Camera power house correct? Yet they use older auto focus technology..!


If I had known the above information  before getting the S20 Ultra 512gb I would not of purchased it... 


That along with the Exynos 990 vs SD 865 debate.... 



Likewise, you would assume that reviewers would actually do their job and highlight those items rather than churn out useless videos just for view counts and pretending to actually review the phones. Alot of them are just there to please the big corporations.

@AntS any idea when the next update to fix camera issue is coming am on April  security update and camera is still useless out of focus . 


Launch the Camera & go to settings 

At the bottom click about camera & you should see a update, this has helped some auto focus issues I had, especially the auto focus issue while video recording objects up close under bright light etc 🙏


I updated camera app.  Still awful!  Focus is *****.  Sometimes when I press the button it takes the picture 6 seconds later!!  Completely unacceptable for ANY cameraphone let alone a top of the line $1400 one!  I have never been more disappointed in a camera phone in my life!  Phone is way to heavy, camera bump sticks out, and images are complete ***** most of the time.  I can get a good one here and there, but over half of them get deleted.


That update is only fixes scan quality and French translation which is of no use .
We need an update to fix the useless camera as the phone the s20 ultra is useless it should be called the s20 ultra *****

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