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Is cursing allowed in this community? Because I am so done with this piece of garbage.


So the phone - 

1. Would overheat

2. Has terrible battery life

3. Shows moisture detected - from LAST 4 DAYS and I have 2 samsung phones, other one is just fine, using same charger for both

4. Has poor network reception

5. Has terrible terrible performance under load


OMFG, this phone makes me want to slap the someone at samsung

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I'm a bit disappointed with the reception always cutting me off half way through a call.
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sounds like the s10 you speak of

Hi @Ashish577 

I'm sorry to hear that. It does sound like an inspection will be required to determine what actions you can take to get this sorted. You can either book an appointment with any one of our Approved Support Centres, which will involve you visiting the Support Centre for face to face support, or send your phone away via a courier service to get the phone inspected/repaired. 


You can book an appointment here:


If you prefer arranging a Pickup service, you can do this here:


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