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How to select notification sound app by app

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Coming from OP7+ and feeling.. dumbfounded. I had the Oneplus set up like this:


1) SMS received -> Play notification sound 1

2) Email received -> Play notification sound 2

3) Any other notification -> silence


I could hear incoming call/SMS/email, but nothing else disturbs me.


From S20 I, so far, find only slider that seems to control ALL notifications, so if I have it on mute, I cannot hear emails, and if I leave it on, every single notification.. *DIDUDUDIDDI*! Makes me mad. 


I've been trying to find a way to make ALL other notifications, except incoming email, silent, but have not found out a way how. With OP I could choose the notification sound, app by app, so it was easy to select "none" for all others except outlook (yeah, I don't use Gmail). 


Is it really so that this 999 € phone cannot do this?? 


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in settings the is a notification tab.
click this.
you will get an app list.
from here you can set you custom sounds per app or turn off notifications. click the selected app and for the category select the item and for alert select the sound you wish to use.
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