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Help me, S20 PUBG mobile is competitivly unplayable

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I bought Samsung Galaxy S20 with exynos processor. Bare minimum setup for competitive play on Pubg mobile is graphics set to minimum option which is Smooth and frame rate option to extreme which is 60 FPS , all other effects disabled and anti-aliasing also disabled. My phone setup is as follows:
motion smoothness of display 60hz, all options off expect mobile data, sound, and power mode which is set to medium power saving with turned off Always on dispaly to ensure as much space for the game as possible..
I also installed game optimizing service with game plugins but that didn't help at all because the same thing always happen...
When i start the game it's all good and normal running locked 60FPS untill approximately around 30 minutes in game when battery temperature starts rising to 47-49 °C then game starts being very choppy and laggy and you can see that by FPS dropping down to 30 and not rising anymore and display is starting to be very hot and unpleasant for fingers..
There have been a few "solution fixes" i tried but nothing really helped .
Things i tried: Closing all background apps, clearing phone cache, clearing memory right before the game via device care, lowering game FPS options to minimum spec which is: low  ( game is still overheating my phone to 49°C but it takes longer. approximately around an hour), installing gfx tool and trying various options there, playing without mask, playing with phone fan for cooling, updating the game, reinstaling the game and phone factory reset.

Please help me out because i ran out of things to try.

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You may find that the Exynos chipset does not handle such games as well as the version of the phone with the Snapdragon Chipset installed.


If you perform a forum and Google Search you will come across similar posts and tech blogs talking about this @U57R 


If this is the case then your pretty limited to what you can do as it's potentially hardware related.


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same as me the s10 exynos cannot run pubg properly another reason why I'm not impressed with the phone but saying that I played it now and its OK its not lagging at all, with settings up to the max on my s10, someone said if you turn full screen off it works I turned that off and its running fine, but if you've bad Internet in the slightest it will mess with speed and lag

you should install game booster plus which is a plugin which can on samsung galaxy store.

The you will be able to access it via game launcher, from there go into game performance and when under pugb select costum mode set the power budget to battery saving (few fps loss but much higher long term fps consistancy) then when into pugb lock fps to 50 from there disable shadows, aa, and consider reducing the settings to hd or balanced.

Pubg is also not programmed with the exynos, but the snapdragon in mind so the low fps even at cold temps are partially also due to the game code..

Unfortunately there is little you can do about that


Well, i installed all that and as i said FPS is very unstable... i can play one game with 50ish FPS because its fluctuating way to much then temperature go to 47 degree and my FPS drops to 30 and not rising anymore... I should note that i play on lowest graphic option possible which is Smooth. The only playable way is to pay for package disabler and disable Game optimization service and then you can play on stable 60 FPS but the problem is  temperature which starts burning your fingers , going up to 50 degree... And soulution to this is a blue container filled with ice under a phone.. It's a shame that you can't play pubg mobile on flagship phone , i bought it specifically with that purpose and it seems it was a huge waste of money which won't happen again..

I should also note that i had more stable FPS on S9 plus  and also i could record gameplay and seems like thats only a distant dream for now on s20.

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