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Has your S20 Ultra camera glass cracked?


It looks like S20U's issues continue to pile on. Now with reports that the xamera glass is shattering for no reason..


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The edges of the glass are not broken, it looks like it is specially broken !!


Apparently that's very common lately....


I will give it back and go back to Pixel phones...



well it depends how we want to see it.

To crack it must have had an impact even if by impact you mean laying it flat on the table.

On the other side it is not nice if the camera shutters just by watching it...

Bad design from the sensor to the glass. ...

wow, i hope samsung learns from this


some of you has a pair of galaxy buds whose touchpad is not working after latest update?

Actually I checked my camera while I was switching through resolutions and the ultra wide telephoto etc... The 108mp camera was keep moving everytime I switched and it felt like it was touching the camera glass...the rest of the cameras were not moving

it is probably due to ois i think, it depends on how much it moves

I would of thought so but I tend not to keep the app on for too long. Battery is being sucked like there's a black hole in the phone

oh this is a bit scarry ,dont kow if anyone in the uk got the same issue or not ..but samsung should say something about this ,as am not going to keep my phone after reading all thses complaints about rear camera glass broken !!


@    ive noticed this too the camera lense moving when switching between the camera options and using 100x zoom ,looks like it touches the glass :shocked-face-with-exploding-head:.hope this have nothing to do with the cracking camera glass ,as am scared of using my phone camera now ,!

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