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Dust appearance under the camera screen

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Got a phone about a month ago.

Everything was wonderfull, phone was shiny and bright (actually grey).


However, this morning I noticed, that there is a DUST under the camera screen! And phone never had been droped, cracked or something else.


Samsung, what wrong with you? I got one of your most expensive smartphones, with so-called certification of "IP68", and after the month of use, I'm getting a dust under the camera glass!!!

And if such big dust part got under there, then it means that I may be sure, that my phone doesn't have any water resistance either! 


So, what should I do now with that? I got my phone, when I was abroad, and now, even though I have Samsung Certified Cervices in my city, thay most probably won't take my phone for warranty repairs, because it's not bought in local shops.


You may see the photo enclosed. 

Would love to get response from Samsung support team.




may you tell me if the hole for the mic in the camera is open and can let something sneak into the camera module area?

Otherwise it means that the phone has been badly sealed while in production, that means that if a dust spec enterend in that and you never had the back replaced the only way for it to enter is due to a bad seal so at the moment the phone may not be IP at all... bad situation



As I may see, there is a regular microphone hole, like on any commercial photo of this phone and it IS covered with microphone grid. Thus I don't know actually is it able to let something through that grid or not.


No, the phone is new, and I didn't change the back of that never before.


Do you have any solutions or ideas what I may do with that now?



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Hi @AleKzaNya 


When you received the phone initially was the area free of that debris  ?


i.e did you check it all over.


I'm wondering if it was already in the phone and has worked its way around the phone and settled there would mean the phones still sealed.


When you use the camera are the photos OK ?


Sometimes the problem with importing a phone for whatever reason can then cause issues with the 24 month manufacturing warranty.


You would need to check the Terms-and-conditions of the warranty.


If it's covered then when the COVID-19 pandemic ends a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre would be able to help.


🌈 Stay Safe  🌈 



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Just got my s20 5 days ago. I'm a river guide and have used galaxys for years because the IP68 rating. Never had any moisture issues with them in or out of their lifeproof cases while carrying the phones in my pfd pocket. Swam in the lake yesterday with phone in my pfd, and within minutes there was fogginess inside the back camera glass that ruined any pictures I was trying to take. Verizon refused to accept a return even though the sim water indicator was still white. Samsung is telling me I have to ship the phone to them for an inspection, but we all know they falsely claim water damage when that's not always the case. I've used my s9 to take underwater videos and pictures before with no case, with no problems. I'm guessing the microphone on the camera is definitely NOT IP68 dust and water proof. Pisses me off to spend a thousand dollars on a phone with obvious manufacturer defects. The moisture in the camera glass dried in about two hours and pictures are clear now, but it certainly affects the usability of the phone. Bummer.

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