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Delivery date???


Ordered the s20 ultra off the samsung Ireland website. It says delivery on the 10th march. I thought it was released the 6th and pre orders usually get it 3 days early. Surly Samsung are not going to torture me for 1 extra week to get it????

 Please say its an error. :thinking-face:




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that would be the final stab in the back!  but not the fault of Samsung or DPD or whatever courier they use...if its a total lock down, we're all in it together :- )


They could even send them out today just to ensure they do all go out maybe?


either way, I am hitting refresh every 30 mins expecting a despatch notification :- )

I'm out...


I've now thrown in the towel, cancelled the order and paid off my Klarna account for the S10.  Too much else now going on to be worrying about a mobile from a Company that can't get their act together nor accept responsibility for the mess they have created.


There is a complete and utter lack of respect for their long term customers, or early adopters, and whilst me cancelling my order won't make any difference at all, that's all I can now do.

I would have sold you my s20 ultra I have went back to my 11 pro max 512 gb already such a better phone ***** the 120hz load of trash battery drains rapid I'm waiting for iPhone 2020 don't know why I gave Samsung a chance soon as I played around with the phone and camera I was disappointed that 100x zoom is a trash gimmick too and to have that written in front of phone is a ***** take when it's not even real.

S20 Ultra 5G 512GB
Had my S20 Ultra delivered on 10th, returned my S10+ Under the upgrade program on 14th, had an email from Klarna today saying my contract has now been paid by Samsung......

I ordered on 24th feb email said dispatch on 20th march for delivery 21st march, just looked now and its awaiting dispatch. I hope so. 

Mine is saying preparing for  despatch.  I hope it comes soon they completely messed up my upgrade programme which took some sorting out.  Through no fault of mine having to wait longer than many others so really cheesed off !!

Just got my dispatch confirmation... only 4 days after I picked for delivery. 

If they had been honest up front it wouldn't have been so annoying. 

Just got an SMS saying my device is on the way! Nothing from DPD though.

Let's see! Fingers crossed

Nevermind! Just got an email an a notification from Dpd. Delivering today!!!

*****s from exertis, I received an email on the 7th that on March 14th sends me a tracking order number, I received nothing and did not reply to the email, ***** staff

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