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Delivery date???


Ordered the s20 ultra off the samsung Ireland website. It says delivery on the 10th march. I thought it was released the 6th and pre orders usually get it 3 days early. Surly Samsung are not going to torture me for 1 extra week to get it????

 Please say its an error. :thinking-face:




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@yurividal wrote:

which models did you two order?

it is really weird indeed. After sending an email to the "CEO", i got a call this morning from a Sales Manager. She, once again, confirmed that they HAVE the S20 Blue in stock, and that she is trying to understand why the order "got stuck in the system" and was not sent to the fullfilment team. She priomissed to call back within 24-48h

What email address did you use to contact the 'CEO'. Might be something I consider if I don't hear anything off them today.

Just got a call from the Online Shop Manager. She said they have the device in stock, but the stock has been "damaged", and I will have to wait for the next batch, and it should ship sometime towards the end of this week or the next week.

She also offered me a £50 voucher as a compensation - which i did not get yet.

The shop emailed me back and said they should have stock by the end of the week and delivery numbers would be generated after that. Guess it's a wait and see now.

to my surprise, mines gone into preparing delivery now
Ordered 22/2 and scheduled for 21st although that date has vanished from the orders page now

Mine has also gone into preparing dispatch but with no date shown on the tracking.

Did you get any email about it?

No I looked in my account. 


I got a reply from the shop yesterday saying they should have stock by the end of the week and I would get a delivery number once that happened. 

no email - just happened to refresh the orders page

Just noticed mine changed too! That's good news I guess. I just hope to receive it before they declare total lockdown for covid in the UK.
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