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Delivery date???


Ordered the s20 ultra off the samsung Ireland website. It says delivery on the 10th march. I thought it was released the 6th and pre orders usually get it 3 days early. Surly Samsung are not going to torture me for 1 extra week to get it????

 Please say its an error. :thinking-face:




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I'm sorry to read this. 

Unfortunatly Samsung "customer service team" are NOTORIOUS liars when they are faced with any issue they can resolve. They WILL tell you they are going to call you back etc and just never will, and they never were. All they are trying to do is get you off the phone. 


DPD will email you the night before they are due to deliver the phone and send you a time slot in the morning (before 11). 


Hope issue is resolved soon. 

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Hi all. I am Lasha from Georgia I wood like to buy  Galaxy s20 ultra bat for at this time it is 6 month seller for me 😞 

Could Samsung give me a s20 ultra as a gift, even it is after testing device? 

Thanks for reading :smiling-face:

Emailed Exertis this morning for an update on my order which I was told was due to ship today, and, surprise suprise, no reply as yet. Really is shocking service, being kept in the dark after spending €1,300+ 

Just had a reply back from Exertis saying launch has been pushed back to 25th March. Can someone from Samsung advise how launch can be pushed back when people have received their phones already? Delivery a full month after the guaranteed delivery date the website stated when I ordered is absolutely farcical. Will be contacting FlexiFi and seeing what my options are regarding my order at this stage.

What do you mean by Launch?  As in officially in the stores?

If thats the case, I don't get how people have ordered from Argos for instance last week and got it already.  I would have thought if it is delayed, no retail store whether online or bricks should get it to distribute.  I remember the other day Argos did state limited stock but the fact is, stock was still there.

I'm holding off cancelling as samsung are still the better ones out there for trade-in value especially for the S10 but I don't like the fact it's on my card as paid when pre-orders should only be completed payments the day before the unit is sent out to the customer - thats how Amazon and a number of other retailers work 


I don't know what they mean to be honest, and they dodged the question when I asked them how the launch can be put back when people have already received orders. It's farcical and frankly unacceptable

Ordered mine on the 12th Feb and my partner on the 13th both to be delivered on the 14th March. She got the phone and I didnt . I honestly can't explain how bad Samsung is right now. They have 0 comunication skills and 0 knowledge on how to manage their orders. When you call them they just tell you the information you can already see on the website and I find this pointless. 

which models did you two order?

it is really weird indeed. After sending an email to the "CEO", i got a call this morning from a Sales Manager. She, once again, confirmed that they HAVE the S20 Blue in stock, and that she is trying to understand why the order "got stuck in the system" and was not sent to the fullfilment team. She priomissed to call back within 24-48h

Both of us the Ultra .. this is why its even more strange. Both paid from the same card and both payments went through.

very weird indeed. I did notice that some people in my building received their on the 13th, like expected. I guess it really is a problem with their system? i just wish we had ANSWERS from someone

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