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Delivery date???


Ordered the s20 ultra off the samsung Ireland website. It says delivery on the 10th march. I thought it was released the 6th and pre orders usually get it 3 days early. Surly Samsung are not going to torture me for 1 extra week to get it????

 Please say its an error. :thinking-face:




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Through the DPD website. You can upgrade your delivery.

hello! Dead chuffed for you that you're getting your Samsung S 20 so soon. Before it switched to the preparing dispatch status, what did it say as the date it would ship by? Also what date did you originally order it?

What date did you originally order the phone? Also what date did it say it would ship by before the status was updated?

I wish samsung Ireland were more on the ball. the only thing I know is that niteline will deliver it but no tracking info. 

hopfully it will start to move along tomorrow 


I preordered on the 11th and at the time picked 9th delivery before 10:30.


But it was saying in order to be shipped by 9th.


It moved to preparing dispatch last Tuesday/Wednesday and then a couple of hours ago changed to shipped and received email from Samsung and dpd to say it's being delivered tomorrow


Ordered mine on the 15th Feb. Requested delivery before 10am on Tuesday 10th March as I couldn't get the Monday off. Status remains as 'Shipping Requested' and 'Order Placed'. Seems unlikely I'll receive mine on the date I requested which sucks


I recieved a message from vodafone on Friday telling me they had a stock shortage and I should expect delivery in 2 weeks (20th March) I preordered the ultra on the 20th Feb. Wife ordered the standard s20 on the 17th thru ee and is receiving it on the 10th :serious-face-with-symbols-covering-mouth:

That's rough! Sorry to hear it

I knew I was going to feel jealous about the first batch of dispatches, mine should be on its way but isn't yet. Ended up ordering on the 13th after getting caught up in all of the ***** with Klarna when I tried to order seconds after Unpacked finished.


My order hasn't changed from Shipping Requested for ages and I've just noticed my confirmation email gave a shipping date of the 9th, yet the Samsung site says the 10th. I have little faith in it actually being shipped by the 10th.


Oh well, at least I was brave/stupid enough to order with a different payment method before the fiasco that was the first attempt was kinda resolved or I'd be looking at definitely waiting for weeks rather than what might be a few days.


Absolutely no excuse for Samsung not to have allocated a phone from the first batch to those of us who could prove we tried to order on the evening of the launch. Then again nobody from the company bothered to keep us informed about what was going on and there still hasn't been any kind of apology or attempt to compensate us, which obviously isn't going to happen now.


I needed that rant. 


I just got my delivery notification for tomorrow.


(Ordered on the 11th) didn't pay for the extra originally though

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