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Delivery date???


Ordered the s20 ultra off the samsung Ireland website. It says delivery on the 10th march. I thought it was released the 6th and pre orders usually get it 3 days early. Surly Samsung are not going to torture me for 1 extra week to get it????

 Please say its an error. :thinking-face:




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Mine still says processing in progress


When did you place this order ? Also go to Samsung site click drop down menu and click track order will show you estimates but not sure what country your in if different.

S20 Ultra 5G 512GB

@Helen14 wrote:

Can I just put I am not panicking.


I am just disappointed with the lack of communication from Samsung and the conflicting messages they are constantly providing.


There's too many cooks in this case. There's lots of misinformation on this thread. But there is one line of information that is consistant and true. For the people that actually made contact with the correct division of Samsung's stores(in my case Exertis/Samsung Store Ireland)..... They have confirmed that anyone who pre-ordered early (I ordered during the live event on the 11th) . They will be receiving their devices as originally stated.

I understand your concern, but patience is a virtue in this case. There's the same levels of panic(not in your case) every year.



i ordered mine on 21st of February, i was told id recieve my handset on the 10th but its not looking that way at the moment.. Ireland aswell


When you go to track order and put in your reference number does it not look similar to this.


S20 Ultra 5G 512GB

He placed it on the Irish store. All the orders on the Irish have the same "Processing in Progress" currently. But

as I already mentioned I spoke to Exertis(SS Store Ireland) during last week and they told me early pre-orders are

all in place to ship Monday for a Tuesday delivery.

They did say there is a delay with the launch. But the fact I pre-ordered early, mine will be delivered the 10th.


Samsung store advised me a few days ago that mine would be coming on Monday 9th by 10am. 

So just a waiting game now to see if that happens 


your website must be different to mine, i dont have an option to track my order.


Yes the UK site handles differently to the Irish site.


I've just checked around Samsung UKs website as I was also getting concerned. My understanding is that you can order up to 6.30pm on their website, including Sunday's, for next day delivery. 


Using that logic, we may not yet any updates until much later this evening. If my memory serves me correctly, I didn't get an email until 9pm the night before when I got my S10+ last year. 


I'm still sceptical, but holding out hope. Lol.



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