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Delay between pressing camera button and picture being taken resulting in missing the shot


Hi all,


S20 Ultra here, have taken plenty of great shots with my camera, the quick updates since launch have fixed most issues people had at launch with the cameras but somthing that occasionally bugs me is a delay in capturing a photo after pressing the button, resulting in missing the shot.


Typical scenario - taking a photo of my kids , they move a lot so you dont have long to get a shot, I  pull the the phone out, line up the shot and press the button and nothing, 1 second, maybe 2 and it takes the shot and its not the shot you wanted.


It certainly isnt all the time, sometimes the shot is pretty much instant, I am begining to suspect its related to the auto focus, the phone doesnt focus quick enough or maybe doesnt think its focussed (often it looks fine on screen) so wont take the shot quickly when you need it to.


Any ideas?




They have officially released it, it came as OTA yesterday and today for certain regions, this program downloads the firmware direct from Samsung servers, it only hits their servers once it is officially released


And of course the 1st June patch didn't work, it's this 1st July one that contains the camera fixes


Wait for OTA or flash it yourself, either way you'll get the same build, waiting for OTA just takes longer

Don't flash it yourself. You can potentially loose warranty if they find out that you flashed the sw


No you can't, there is nothing on the phone that would even give a hint it was flashed rather than OTA


It does not trip knox, and Odin is Samsung's official internal tool....


Source: Been flashing Samsung phones since the S5


You should get over to XDA Forums and read a bit :winking-face:

Lmao i have been flashing software since i had my s5 too😂

I wrote you in private


Got it, and agree


As long as you download the correct firmware, and don't disconnect it during the flash, it's fine, and even if it does disconnect or fail flash, Download mode is not part of the firmware so you can always just flash it again :smiling-face:

Thanks a lot but it is too late and i wouldn't be sure that next release would solve the issue so i gave it back before the deadline for return. And now i have Snapdragon version. No issue.


As to result of comparing both version i can say that Snapdragon version has less warm when playing game. But exynos version has better video quality but it is slightly different and it has also litle bit better selfie quality. While doing focusing exynos gets warmer quickly and too much. This update maybe solved this issue.


Thank you very much .

Good night



Enjoy your Snapdragon, I think they both have different Pros and cons but yea im happy now with the Exynos and this update. 

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This is not good enough, clicked record on my S20. Firmed  for about a min took 2 mins to reset itself to take another one. 


Also delay in taking pictures of about a second or two between each one


Sort it out Samsung 

They have fixed it in the July update if you spent some time reading, it has been posted multiple times

hi can you help me with this, how do I know if I have updated my phone with July's updat

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