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Delay between pressing camera button and picture being taken resulting in missing the shot


Hi all,


S20 Ultra here, have taken plenty of great shots with my camera, the quick updates since launch have fixed most issues people had at launch with the cameras but somthing that occasionally bugs me is a delay in capturing a photo after pressing the button, resulting in missing the shot.


Typical scenario - taking a photo of my kids , they move a lot so you dont have long to get a shot, I  pull the the phone out, line up the shot and press the button and nothing, 1 second, maybe 2 and it takes the shot and its not the shot you wanted.


It certainly isnt all the time, sometimes the shot is pretty much instant, I am begining to suspect its related to the auto focus, the phone doesnt focus quick enough or maybe doesnt think its focussed (often it looks fine on screen) so wont take the shot quickly when you need it to.


Any ideas?




best solution here is to use SINGLE TAKE mode 

Well with that you certaily capture everything ebem those things which you did not even notice😂

It is a good idea though!




Just wondering if you are still getting this issue and if you found a solution?

I'm starting to really regret getting this phone! I mainly got it for the camera so I could take decent photos of my daughter.

But the past couple of weeks I've noticed that when I press the button to actually take a photo, nothing happens... I've tried using the volume button as well and nothing happens.

I've checked all the settings mentioned in this forum, tried all MPs and still no change.

I've missed lovely photos of my daughter because if this.


This limits me to using the 'single take' mode which doesn't always take a photo, and if you grab a photo from the video taken the photo is a rubbish quality! 😞 

I've noticed this just over the last couple of weeks as well. It's inexcusable for a phone at this price. I'm really regretting getting it.
Does anyone have ideas on a solution, or is it a case of waiting for yet another software update?
So frustrated!

This has been happening a lot to me as well, especially since the last update. It is doing my head in. S20 Ultra 512 .. impossible to take good photos with a 3, 4 sometimes 5 second delay between clicking shoot and getting a shot. It ruined my ability to get good shots today of a rare family outing in beautiful weather..


Might be related to having people in the frame, perhaps it's doing face recognition or something like that?  


Please Samsung, fix the performance of this camera already. I regret upgrading from my S10 5G.

No offence sir but it is stupid to upgrade every year. Especially this one with little to no improvements😅

Confirmed there's a relationship to the picture subject. Taking a selfie it waits several seconds after hitting shoot.
Twisting the selfie camera to point at the couch next to me instead the photo is taken instantly. Tried this with moving phone in and out from my ugly mug whilst hitting button.

Disabled HDR and scene optimiser to no avail.
@archer - none taken. wife wanted a bigger phone so I thought I'd achieve a win-win.
Hers (my old S10 5G) has no issues taking photos.

(Let's keep the discussion to the point, please.)

I have the same issue with the delay then sometimes the button won't even work. I have been through all the troubleshooting with a Samsung expert but the issue is still there. 

I traded the S10+ in for the Ultra aswell and seriously regret it!

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