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Claiming Free Watch




I ordered a Samsung Galaxy S20+ and I have been unable to claim the free watch through the members app. 


I get an error code (api.cam_1006.400) and told to check the eligibility, I meet all the requirements for eligibility so I'm at a loss. It was the free watch that swayed me into getting the plus. 


I've tried a couple of guides where I sign into Samsung pay and reinstall the Samsung members app. Any idea?




Just got my watch..... By accident. 


Amazon parcel buzzed my flat to say have parcel and to come down as he had several flats to do. Its only that I spotted a small white box dumped on the street by the entrance to the 200 flats here.. I thought I would do the right thing.. And take it inside.. 


Turns out it was mine and had a yodel sticker on. 


Turns out it's my watch. 


Turns out it was delivered 3 hours ago and ANYONE could have took it. 


No text. No email no Notification AT ALL that it was even being delivered.. I would not have known if an amazon parcel didn't arrive today.. Anyone of the 200 people living here could have took it.. But what's worse I live on the main road in and out of the city centre... So... That's 50 cars a minute going past.. That's least 50 people a minute who could easily have stolen my parcel.. 



that's lucky I'm glad you have got it but I have to wait as samsung are investigating my parcel from yodel
Hope it gets sorted for you soon. I'm just lucky nobody stole mine as yodel did the usual dump it in middle of the main street.

Fingers crossed you get yours sorted!
have you told samsung about this as it happening every day
Not yet but I plan to! Just need to find the best way to tell them but I might put it on twitter public for them all to see until its sorted.
yeah do that and phone them then they will take it very serious
Helping Hand
Woah, this is great, wish it was available in Croatia... Everywhere actually...

Could you give me there number thanks

there number is 03452160127

they are open tome are 9 to 5
did you tell samsung what happened with your watch ??
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