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Claiming Buds+ from Preorder




This information can easily be found from the Samsung website.

I remember from last year a few people believed they'd would be shipped with the Phone.

Some took a few weeks to validate.




Step 1:
Pre-order a Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G or S20+ 5G smartphone between 11.02.20 - 08.03.20


Step 2:
Claim through the Samsung Members App on your new device between 10.03.20 - 31.05.20. You'll need to provide proof of purchase
when prompted.


Step 3:
Our team will review your claim, and you will receive an email to confirm when it has been validated.


Step 4:
You will receive your Galaxy Buds+ within 45 days of validation.

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@TS81 wrote:

I don't have the earbuds banner yet, does anyone else not have it? This is my first time trying to claim something so I'm a bit confused.

It wasn't there, then it was!  Give it time it should appear. 

It needs to be done on the S20 I believe.

Try and clear the cache from the app and check under benefits.Samsung Members > BenefitsSamsung Members > Benefits


Done and dusted, my Ultra arrived earlier and while transferring data from my s10 plus..... I managed to open the Members App and the option was there straight away to claim the buds. Went straight through and validated via sms, a few minutes later. This was for Samsung Ireland.

First time going through this process. What do Samsung want as proof of purchase? copy of the email or screengrab of order from Samsung account?

I imagine the IMEI number of the phone will be proof enough.

I took a photo of my confirmation email, it has to show what phone your ordered,where from and the date you ordered. Mine was validated within an hour

Easier than expected, claimed and validated within an hour. If it helps anyone, i saved my email order confirmation as a file and uploaded that as proof of purchase, date pre-ordered etc. Hopefully they come sooner rather than later. 

Community Manager

Just wanted to drop a quick note to confirm to everyone (and to reduce the confusion): 

  • Once you have received your S20+ or S20 Ultra you can submit your claim via the Samsung Members application
  • The banner to claim the promotion will only be available on S20+ and S20 Ultra. We just thought it would be easier if it's on the device to avoid confusion for Members who aren't as lucky as you!

I hope this helps and you are enjoying your S20+ and S20 Ultras! :smiling-face::party-popper::heavy-black-heart:


Do make sure to let us all the things you discover about the latest Galaxy! 



@Saxacat wrote:

First time going through this process. What do Samsung want as proof of purchase? copy of the email or screengrab of order from Samsung account?

If you into your orders you can download the invoice from there. Attach the pdf to the claim and it should be instantly verified once submitted. 

Thanks for the help; I took a photo of my order confirmation from my PC screen and used that. 

My claim has been validated :smiling-face:

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