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Charging issues on the s20

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So I have had the s20 for a little over a week and am now seeing issues when charging it overnight. I can see with device care that it is charging to 100% then its discharging once it hits 100%. For the past 3 night the phone has got to 100% aorund 4a.m. then immeditly discharging from there I woke up at 8 with the phone at 89%Screenshot_20200318-092952_Device_care[1].jpgScreenshot_20200318-092943_Device_care[1].jpg


you shouldnt leave your phone charging all night!!!


I know I know I left it on the charger overnight one night and saw that it was having this problem so I did it 2 more times just to see if the problem kept happening.

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My previous SONY Xperia XZ1 been (3 years) was excellent result and battery Charger care on overnight did very well.  After My SONY Xperia ZX1 were first time accident and serious damaged a body by saw table slide.  Sadly😣, my favour SONY mobile isn't anymore shop in NZ and AUS  😡.   I bought a new SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 and restored data from SONY mobile.   I find that SAMSUNG's battery care should enable the Overnight charging care and Time between 11pm and 6am will battery care and slower charging when reach to 90% and hold until 5:45am will start charge to 100% full charge to ready before 6am.     What do I want like these.     Can you do it ?...Samsung team 🤔

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