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Blown top speaker


Has anyone else ever blown the top speaker on a Galaxy handset since the addition of stereo speakers? 

The top speaker on my S9+ went after 10 months of almost daily usage.

My S10+ somewhere between 8 & 9 months again after constant use. 

I received my S20 Ultra on 10/03, today a month later, 10/04, and after virtually zero use of speakers, I've been using my buds+ whilst in lockdown at my girlfriends, I actually heard the top speaker go.

£1200 phone and the speaker has gone after less than an hour of music playback through it. WTF! 

A friend of mine gave his daughter his old HTC One M8 which is 6 years old and the stereo speakers are still going strong with daily usage. 


Unfortunately Tess the support centre's wouldn't be much use to me because I'm fairly certain that the nearest one to me is 100 miles away. 

As for anything else, given the circumstances at present, the last thing I'd want is to be without my only phone for any period of time. 

It's only a month old so I'm unsure as to what my options are but the last thing I'd want to do is send it away and wait weeks for it to come back to me. 


I do understand your point of view and I would be happy to have a look at your options. If you'd like, you can try to reach your network provider to see if they are able to provide you with a replacement phone so we can have this examined. If are happy to proceed with this, let us know when and where did you purchase the phone.


Alternatively, you can reach our Social Media Team to provide you with the next steps from here. 


I'm part of the Samsung upgrade program Tess, my last 3 handsets have came directly from Samsung. 


When did you receive your phone? If you got this within 28 days you should be able to contact our Upgrade Team on 0330 726 7467 to have a look into your available options. 


It was 30 days ago. 


Thanks for clarifying that. In this case, I would suggest going through these troubleshooting steps and if the issue persists after that, please contact our colleagues to check your available repair options. 

Thanks Tess

I feel the pain.. 

I'm really disappointed in the Ultra. 


The list of defects are huge! 

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