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Battery life

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How much is the screen on time for s20 exynos processor? #s20 #batterylife
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I get a maximum SOT of 5 hours on my S20 Plus.
7h with 120hz and about 8 with 60hz. (S20 Ultra)
yes, Exynos @SamiSungi

with years of battery management experience, using everything possible like Dark Mode, display brightness manual to get what is needed but not too much (NEVER go auto!) and all apps optimized so only the ones I need run when they have to run.

There is a lot to optimize to get to such numbers and still I can play heavyload apps like PokémonGO on those days.

However I am still disappointed ALOT by Samsung to use the inferior Exynos compared to Snapdragon and I get why most people get lower results. I know what I am doing and manage other smartphone apps on my job so I know every trick to get as much juice as needed from my device. There are a lot of battery tips and tricks out there to improve battery life but most times the energy wasting stuff is coming from the user handling the phone in bad ways like using too much display brightness, activating non used stuff like NFC if you do not need it.. too many apps that want to do too much without the user restricting them etc.

However... my 7h SOT feels not enough for an initial 1.300 Euro device and I can not stress this topic enough. Hoping for better battery life in flagships and better Exynos performance in future premium products.
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