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Battery life

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Just got my Samsung s20 plus an upgrade from the S9 . Great phone BUT the battery life is terrible I'm running very little things in the background and my usage is no different to the S9. The S9 battery out performes the s20 by about 4 hours . I get about 14 hours use before I need to recharge.  I could go from waking up to going to bed with the s9 and still have around 40% left . Please sort it out or I could send it back as it's not performing as I would expect. 
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14 hours is amazing for the S20 +. I have the Ultra with all the settings turned to low usage, also only using 60hz display and I lose 22% battery every hour. It really is a peice of rubbish in terms of battery life. My S10+ was soooo much better for battery life.
The Exynos 990 is the reason for the awful battery in the S20 range, the Qualcom 865 version is fine. This is why Samsung built the S20 FE in my opinion
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