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Apps dislocation

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I bought a GS20 in April 2020

Since then, this have happened me twice..


Let me try to explain, but bare with my English, it's not my native language


I have arranged my apps a certain way on my phone

I use to sort them in folders, and only have the few I use often on my front screen

(By the way, I have "locked" my front screen)


But nonetheless, for the second time, this morning all my app folders were gone, and apps sorted by names. At my front screen, most apps were gone..... But they are all there in my apps screen


Anybody know what happened, and how to prevent this?

It's a hell of a job to arrange this back to how I want it.


PS: It's several weeks since the last update, so I don't think that's it. And I did nothing special last night.


I hope you understand what I tried to explain :winking-face:


Take care, Olemann 


@Olemann: Can you try heading to Settings > Display > Home Screen > Lock Home Screen Layout, and disable this feature to see if this helps. Also, scroll down to 'Hide Apps' and make sure that the relevant apps are not selected. 



Lock Home Screen Layout was disabled the first time this happened

I enabled it after that time to prevent it from happend again, wich it did 😞

I have no apps hidden currently. To be honest, I don't know if some were hidden before it happend again or not...


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