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Hi, is anybody else having problems connecting the s20 ultra to android auto? I can't connect via USB or wireless! I have a kenwood in my car, but nothing shows when I try to connect only a msg saying check connection!? 

Any ideas please...

Thanks in advance. 


I'm in the same boat with my Samsung A20e, did you get it sorted?

@Cfc1905 @bluezelos: If you have the Android Auto app already installed on your phone's, please can you try deleting the app, then connecting the phone to your car via USB to see if this helps?

Thanks for the reply.


You can't delete the android auto app it is already built in to android 10, you only have options to force stop/ disable or unistall updates, it is always on your system


Also as an friend has a Samsung S10 running android 10 and his phone connected straight away wirelessly to my kenwood head unit, but he also had the android auto for phone screens app downloaded on his phone, I have been told you don't need the AA for phone screens app as this is just to run AA on your phone. Which is correct?


I would recommend uninstalling all updates, clearing any data you can.

Then make sure to download any updates again, so you have the latest version installed. Getting as close to a clean/fresh install as you can.


If that doesn't work you can try connecting in safe mode if its a system/stock app:

Hold power till you see power off,

then hold power off till you see safe mode.

Its possible an app or apps you downloaded are interfering.

Hope this helps


Ok I have tried starting in safe mode, I get the bluetooth connection with the phone, how do I connect to Android Auto to try it, as it doesn't open straight away?


1.Open android auto manually, give it all the permissions it requests for. Try connecting 


2 in android auto press the 3 line in top left, click settings. find autolaunch and make sure the bluetooth device you want to open android auto is selected.



Here is a walkthrough of what happens:


turn on bluetooth on phone, bluetooth coonecting to head unti comes up, connected for audio and calls is confirmed.


Android Auto app automatically shows in notifications:  continue select android auto on car screen comes up. I then touch android auto button on head comes up processing...spinning wheel....and nothing...then a message 'unable to start android auto please connect via usb', I then connect using the samsung cable I use to charge the phone with, and the screen on phone does seem to flash black when it connects as if it is trying to do something, but no connection is made. I then get the processing screen agin...spinning wheel, again nothing.


There are 2 x notifications on phone when android auto opens one says AA connected to your car, the other says AA available please continue on car this normal?


also in notifications on phone it says android system usb accessory tap on there and it says 'tap for other usb otions' you tap on that and it comes up...usb controlled by...this phone is checked. underneath that it says; USB is used for: and one of the options is transferring files/android auto...but when you try to check it won't stay on...can't seem to check that button.


Can someone please help it is driving me mad.










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