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Add feature to improve fingerprint recognition

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It would be nice to have an option under the biometrics and security options to help improve the current fingerprints that have already been recorded. 

What I realised when sometimes trying to unlock my phone with my thumb at certain angles would be that it would not match on the first go but maybe on the second or third go.

I am not sure if this would be a feasible feature to add for each fingerprint a user has added already but it would be nice to help improve the recognition of each fingerprint once it has been recorded.
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Superuser I

Hi @Goel 


A couple of tips I picked up when setting up the finger prints are.


When setting up take x3 scans with each thumb and then rotate the phone around when taking further prints of each thumb so your phone can read both thumbs from the same finger print scan. Scan your prints as you would normally hold the phone.


Also using two fingers when setting up one fingerprint works pretty well.


Go into Settings . Biometrics and Security.  Biometrics Preferences . Turn Off Screen Transition Effect.


Then go into Settings and search for Optomise Battery Usage. Tap in Optimise  Battey Usage  tap to show All and scroll down to and toggle Off


For me this improved the fps on my Note 10+ 5G which I appreciate is a different model to yours but should be the same outcome- hopefully.


I also have dry skin on my fingers and so find it sometimes beneficial to moisten my fingertip before unlocking the phone.


🌈 Stay Safe & Stay Alert.  🌈 

Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-9820 _256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.

Thanks for the great tips. I'll give these a try, this would be better than adding in a feature to improve the recognition. I guess you do have to be accurate where you put your finger since it has to be within the capturing area.
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