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Adaptive refresh rate for S20 series

I have been watching the Galaxy Unpacked event and reading the reviews on the Galaxy Note 20 series.

They have adaptive refresh rate as a feature to help improve battery life. Will this be a feature available in coming updates for the S20 series?

As an update to this, I have realised this is a hardware limitation but hopefully other solutions will be provided to improve battery on the S20 series.

i dont need to explain to you in physics or study electronics to know that the exynos990 is BAD


i shared several articles that were written by people that know what they talk about - i didnt make up claims in my sleep ok?

i have a samsung with exynos just like i had a samsung with exynos since 2010 - i know this year's chip is ***** because the phone is horrible 

dont know and dont care about the intricates of why the chip cannot support 120hz at QHD+  as to me its less important - whats is important is that i dont want to pay the ***** load of money for a phone that is inferior to its SD variant 

look around my friend and you will see how many people with exynos have issues 

whats your deal anyways? does samsung pay you to argue with everyone here that the chip isnt the problem or you studied electrical engineering and you feel your knowledge is giving you the right over others rights?

guess what - you dont need a phd in molecular electronic to know this year's exynos is bad - samsung knows it, users knows it - why is bad idk - something clearly went wrong and it was too late or too expensive to fix - maybe there was an engineer like you who thought they know everything and end it up with this catastrophe 

as for your other Q - what optimisation means - it means the chip work with the other components of the phone in a friendly way - where the battery doesnt drain, the phone doesnt heat up like a toaster and the screen can work in 120hz QHD+ whenever 

as for the screen being different - the only difference is the new screens allows for dynamic refresh rate eg it can change from 120 to 10 hz depending on the content without you having to change it manually

over and done - am not here to prove a case - the experience we all had with this chip this year is enough evidence


PS am pretty sure you dont even have an exynos phone - therefore you have no idea what most people are complaining about 


Last reply i am going to give to you, however there is no lack of optimisation on the exynos chip, and that shows that you are completely off the point. The chip is already running at the best its architecture can do.


The main problems for the exynos chip are due to the M cores being in a completely different cluster and paying various ns of latency hit, as well as 3 clock cycles more if the branch prediction is wrong compared to the snapdragon. The IPC is estimated to be lower also, but not only, due to the 2 beforementioned things. The chip also requires a higher voltage curve to hit the target frequency compared to a clock for clock with an arm stock cpu as the snapdragon is. That is probably due to the fact that the architecture of the 990 uses cortex A76, which in retrospective shows why samsung was right to go for the A75 and not A76 cores in the exynos 9820\9825. Looking at ARM press slides they show that in a clock for clock scenario the A76 require nearly the double amount of power compared to the A75 cores at the same transistor density.


Also another thing to account for is the mali gpu which despite the new valhalla improvements compared to bitfrost still has less performance per watt compared to the adreno.


That is what is wrong with the 990 said in a plain, clear and correct way not appealing the the magic of the optimisation ect.... the hope for the 990 is that they could have managed to understand how to configure the chip in order to use computational power for basic tasks, and maybe use better binned chips only in order to reduce the voltage across al the curve.


PS running a 9820 s10 plus


ok then buy a exynos990 - s20 - and then you will understand our issues and frustrations 


I always advise and i will keep advising against buying a 990 device but that does not mean that i have to hate on exynos in a superficial way.

I understand your disappointment i would suggest you to hold on till 2021 and trade in the s20 for its successor if everyrhing goes plain the next exynos will blow the snapdragon 875 out of the watee.

That is not the best solution but it is the only possible unfortunately...


i doubt i will ever buy a samsung again - but if i will - i will wait before i know is worth it

samsung needs to stop making a new phone each day and focus their money and time on releasing a few GOOD phones - like apple do - and then maybe people will come back 

meanwhile there's already quite a few good alternatives out there that didnt exit in the past years 

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