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120hz in WQHD+


When will samsung push out the update and allow us to use 120 hz in 3200x1440 ? Its a huge difference really smooth but just can't make myself change to 1080p I can see the difference but want 120hz I don't care about battery I can charge any time this would make the s20 the perfect phone.

S20 Ultra 5G 512GB
I completely agree

Came here to ask the very same question and that's the reason I am now moving to oneplus 8 pro! 

They seem unable to properly work 120hz in the current state, with the green screen exynos is producing. Also, with the efficiency that exynos has(120hz 1080p - terrible for a 5000mah - 4.5 hours of on-screen time) I dont think 120hz QHD will be useful. Dont get me wrong, i want this as much as you do. Lets hope I am wrong.

So in other words they sold us a half baked product?

dont think this will be rolled out considering they are having so many issues with 120hz at FHD!!!

If you are asking me, preordering this phone was a mistake. They might bring 120hz to qhd but the damage has already been done. With exynos not being on par with SD, one plus 8 pro is already a better phone with 50% less money. The only thing samsung has over one plus now is the 108mp camera (not that good tbh) and the software (software is actually great imo)...but one plus 8 pro even has a 10bit display that ultra doesn't..well i have learned my lesson..

Why do you guys think ALL other phones that came out this year can do 120Hz at WQHD? Anyone of them using exynos?


If I had a snapdragon s20 I'd be pissed, because they could run it with no issues, only samsung would never enable it for them because it has to be the same as exynos model.

I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones. I ordered this phone just before the unfortunate virus took hold of our society. So I was able to return it within 14 days. However due to the virus I was able to keep it longer as the shops are still closed. I have therefore been able to use it longer than most out there and I may say great phone but its being badly let down by Samsung screwing us over the 120hz and wqhd! It's like buying a car and being told you can only use gears 1 to 5 but gear 6 is disabled! Can't wait to take it back as had hoped that a software update can fix this issue but alas. So definitely going to oneplus 8 pro! 

looks more and more evident that is not going to happen

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