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Wifi problem on s10+


Is any one having issues with wifi on s10+ my broadband is 200mbps in speed when connected to wifi it takes long to load like Google page and Facebook or messenger.

Then I turn off wifi its perfect on 4g.

My all other device are fine on wifi.

Any one else having this problem.


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My problem is with my new Samsung s10.

After over 2 hours on the phone yesterday doing various tests with EE tech support it was agreed the phone must be faulty. Replacement delivered today and still faulty after again liaising with tech support. 

Connects with wifi fine as long as reasonably close to the router at 866 bps then as I walk away the speed drops till where in my house I need to use it it drops connection altogether. Mobile data is turned off. My trusty 5 year old Samsung S5 works fine and holds the speed in the same place with also mobile data turned off. As phone is new and I'm in 14 day cooling off period it's going back after all I've read and Samsung's inability to address it.

EE support said no other mention of this issue so please anyone with EE or any other provider for that matter get it reported! 

Could it be a ploy to get us all to go for unlimited mobile data??? Personally I think it's software.

The phone is designed to switch to mobile data if speeds drop ( not a feature on my S5) so the second the speed drops as it would when moving away from the router anyway it looks for a 4g connection and keeps trying and if you have mobile data off it just keeps looping till it goes into freefall. Someone needs to rewrite that software!!! Anyway I can't wait around for the fix whatever it is when in all this time it hasn't even been acknowledged.

Send it back while you can! I doubt very much that EE support or any other networks support have never heard of these issues before... The first five or so software updates for the S10 series were all signal/data connection fixes and for what its worth, I don't think it is software related. I have had theses issues on my S10+ too. Like you I replaced the phone within the first week and that didn't help either. I'm now on Android 10 and still have poor signal and WiFi issues.

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
Current Phone ~

Samsung S10+ 128Gb > Model: SM-G975F. Samsung One Ui 2.5 / Android 10.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 > Model: SM-R840.
Samsung Galaxy Buds+ > Model: SM-R175.

I don't think this is software. This problem is all over the web since release. If it was software, they would have fixed it.  This might be hardware and firmware level problem. Some how it got resolved for me after the steps i indicated.  It's a shame especially given that the phone is an awesome top end phone and almost perfect in all other aspects. 

Absolutely agree. Send it back and get something else, note 10 etc, while you are still on return period. The problem showed up for me after 6 months of normal functioning. Didn't have a choice.

Agreed,  Send it back while you are in the initial window or you will have to keep it and deal with it.  If you can wait till next year I am sure the next Galaxy will be out sometime around March 2020. Unfortunately Samsung has not addressed this issue with the S10 series of phones and I'm sure will move on with the release of the S11. 


After the 01 December 2019 security update, I noticed the 5 Ghz side of wifi isn't working and I keep having to restart the phone to get wifi to connect on a new network.  Please get this fixed Samsung !!


That seemed to resolve it for me too.  I'm so grateful you found that trick, but this is a serious issue Samsung or Google needs to address asap.

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Same here! My s10+ suddenly connection went on and off and can't connect to wifi though i have a stable connection. I already researched and watched online tutorial to fix it but none of these work.

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Yes! Omg what's up with that?! I'm also now experiencing issues with my text messages and sending pictures either that I just took or from my gallery. Yesterday this started and I took a picture of something and took it from my text message thread to send to my mom and when I tapped the spot to open my gallery there is nothing there! So I closed out the text and reopened it and all my pics were all there. So I tap on the pic I want to send and nothing I remove it and try to send a normal text and the send button is just a spinning thing. Won't let me send a message. Full bars wifi off. Turned wifi back on...same thing.


Check your router settings and disable the use of 5 GHz DFS frequencies. I found that setting for my Fios router in the advanced settings through the My Fios mobile app. Once I disabled DFS, my S10e speedtest went from around 40 Mbps to 200 Mbps from my room 1 floor above my router. (I have 1 Gbps service from Fios, btw.) Prior to disabling DFS, I would consistently get lost WiFi signals.


Good luck!

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