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Wifi problem on s10+


Is any one having issues with wifi on s10+ my broadband is 200mbps in speed when connected to wifi it takes long to load like Google page and Facebook or messenger.

Then I turn off wifi its perfect on 4g.

My all other device are fine on wifi.

Any one else having this problem.


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I've the same identical issue with wifi on s10+ my broadband is 200mbps in when connected to wifi it takes long to load not only Google or Facebook but YouTube turns barely works. 

But when I turn off wifi its perfect on 4g.

My all other device are fine on wifi.

I've reset everything and still the same.

Any one found a solution? It's incredible that an expensive phone like that has such bugs. 



Hi dolphiny,


Have you tried leaving wifi active only ? (with mobile data turned off )


If I do that,  I can use wifi at normal speeds.




Hi Federico;
I just tried as you said but unfortunately it's the same, actually it seems to go a bit faster using the browser, but YouTube for example is unable to play a video without breaking.
Thanks a lot.
I'm afraid I should take the phone to a Samsung center, what's really annoying in my place 😞

Nope, wiping cache partition, or any of the other 325 fixes does not work.


This is a hardware issue with the Galaxy S10+, that Samsung has quietly swept under the rug.


In addition to that, the Exynos version of S10+ is a sluggish 2018 technology, and has inferior battery performance.


I've just tested this on the latest EU software, clean install, no apps.


Really sad.


This is so frustrating.  How come no one at Samsung is working on this and there is no mention of it anywhere?  Customers are doing all the work and checking everything to fix it and I see nothing from Samsung. If you call them, they claim to not know anything about it!! Really.  I moved to a new carrier and updated phones to get better coverage and have better equipment, but we ended up with subpar WiFi that is worse than our older phones and both Samsung tablets used in the same environment.  How can the S10 connect via WiFi at 120 or less and both of our Samsung tablets inches away are connected at 680 and 890 respectively??? Is it the antenna I thought so I put them on a table and as close to the router as possible, but nothing changes!


 Multiple times a day I have to turn off WiFi, turn on WiFi, restart the phone, just to connect at a decent speed or to have connection!  And on top of that I have to keep monitoring the connection and go through the same process above when the WiFi disconnects or goes to an unreasonably low connection speed. 


Can someone from Samsung comment on this please.  AT&T; my carrier; has no idea what to do next.  Have updated S10’s been released that have corrected this issue?


So update, I was at my parents house last week. My mum who has a s6 mini, my sister with a s9+, they were waiting for me to be over to 'fix their phones" as all of us have been having the wifi problem since the last security update in October. 

I have badgered samsung on twitter for weeks, they try to blame an app, then say they cant suggest anything and I need to send my phone away or go to whereever my nearest samsung shop is. Said they wouldn't be offering a temp replacement if I sent it off, I cant have no phone as I use mine for work, my mum it is her work phone so samsung are basically saying shed need to not work whilst they investigate. My mum has very limited data as it is a work phone so is now getting charges which samsung wont compensate even though clearly its their issue. But 3 different phones with the same issue, other ppl having issues but they still say they haven't a clue and unless samsung send it away they wont look at it. 


Yep, same problems here.


I got Samsung to replace my phone for a new one within the first 28 days of purchase due to this.  The replacement phone seemed to be a little bit better and manage to hang on to a wifi connnection longer than the first one. 


However,  now that I had it for ~8 weeks, I still have constant wifi "authentication errors".  Wifi randomly disconnects - it's not my Wifi (I'm running 2x Ubiquiti APs, every other wifi device - including Samsung ones is stable and works well).  The S10 is just flakey.  The standard response to clear network settings/reboot/blah blah are just distraction techniques that ultimatley don't fix the issue.  Samsung need to address this - surprised the press haven't got hold of this, they still champion the S10 as a premium phone.  It's majorly flawed by this issue.


Come on Samsung - listen to your customers and address this.


How did you do that?


Just installed Android 10 update to my S10e but the same issue still remains: home wifi connection has only 54Mbps link and slow performance compared to my other Samsung devices on the same network...


Samsung: I know you probably don't care but please get a Broadcom BCM4360/4331 based router like my Netgear R6300v1 to reproduce this.


To everyone else: Enable developer options and send a bug report through that with as much info  as possible. Samsung might need to react if enough people report this.


You're wasting your time. Clearly it's a hardware issue! Samsung are aware of the networking issues, always have been. The very first five or six software updates were released to try and address these issues but failed and since then silence. Maybe they did a hardware 2.0 that resolved these issues and us hardware 1.0 users are screwed!

My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.
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