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What happened to Alarm ability to "Gradually increase volume"?

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Just upgraded from S7 to S10+ and used alarm for the first time this morning. Even at low volume it was so loud that I tweaked my neck when it shocked me out of sleep! 😫 Then I shocked my wife awake with my girlish scream. 😳 What happened to the "gradual increase" option? Why remove a great optional feature like that Samsung? It took less that 24 hours for "new and improved" to become a literal pain in my neck! 

Agreed, even 2017 A3 has this basic option.
I turned to Google Clock for now, to have Gradually increasing alarm volume.


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I never understand why would they remove such basic things!
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Totally agree! Bring back the gradual volume increase. No reason to lose features when upgrading. Just upgraded to a Note10+, not enjoying being jolted awake now. 😕
FYI, Google Clock still has this feature. Not quite as nice as the prior Samsung Clock alarm, but better than being jolted awake. I'm switching to that.
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Yup..definitely switched to Google clock mainly for this on my S10+. Also the Google Clock digital widget is much easier to read now than the Samsung clock widget. Why did they reinvent the wheel only to make it worse than it was? It was working great on my S7. The choices of alarm tones on my S7 were better too.

Please bring this back! This feature is trivial. I will use Google clock for now.



really do not understand why they do this

increasing RINGTONE would be fine too  (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

You can download an MP3, edit it in a computer (fade in) and use it.

But I agree that is in unlucky to remove any feature which people want.

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