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What are the Samsung House words? OneUI 2 Beta is coming...

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We hope you're as excited as we are! We're now able to let you all know that the UK market will be joining the OneUI 2 Beta:smiling-face:


We will be joining Galaxy Users and fellow Beta testers from Korea, Germany, US and China and we're excited to get the new OS on to our handsets and see what it's all about! You may have already seen this online, but now we're able to share the official coming soon banner for here for the UK users of the Community on open variants of the Galaxy S10 family phones! 




If you want to be among the first to try Samsung OneUI 2 with Android 10 and have one of the Samsung Galaxy S10 family (S10e, S10, S10+). It has to be an open network version for it to work (for techy-er folks that's a BTU or XEU CSC) and will be available to get through your Samsung Members App. Keep your eyes on Samsung Members for this (and for all the latest news in the world of Samsung). 


***Updated *** You won't be able to get on to the Beta if you are running a custom ROM or have rooted your device (even if you have an open network UK S10 family device). It also won't work if you're using a VPN. 


 Top tips for Beta Testing


  1. Remember: it's a Beta software
    • So many new features and changes, but it's very new!
    • We want your in-life experiences to help us make OneUI 2 the best it can be at for the official launch
  2. Your feedback is the key! We want to understand your experience.
    • Please give detailed descriptions when submitting error logs
    • Make sure to use the most relevant category (as this impacts the information we get from the log)
    • Submit the error log as soon as you experience it (or at least within 10-15mins) so that it can be looked into.
  3. Having an Issue? Share an Error Report.
    • We want to understand your experience. Be descriptive
    • Share suggestions on the 
  4. Have a suggestion? Tell us in the Community
    • We want to understand your experience. Be descriptive
    • Share suggestions that add value to your experience
  5. Keep an eye on your notifications and stay on the latest version available to you.


So, a few questions: 

  • Are you interested in joining the OneUI 2 Beta? 
  • What are you looking forward to about OneUI 2?
  • Heard anything interesting from articles online? 
  • Any questions (apart from when is it coming.... that will be revealed soon!)


And one more little request from us.... Please don’t try to use any non-official ways of getting the software (anyway than through Samsung Members). In our opinion, it’s just not worth the hassle. Unofficial sources of our software do not go through the same quality assurances and open you up to risk and may also result in damage to your phone that is not covered by the warranty.



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Great news can't wait any dates hehe


Yes can't wait 😁


can't I trick it with VPN to register to test this awesome beta ? haha 

To be honest, you probably can.  *Edit* Confirmation above that this won't work.


BUT... I wouldn't. (Too risky). I'm pretty sure you won't have long to wait! Don't worry!


I'm just as excited as you...




Welcome to the Community!

Nothing here yet...

Will it be today???

I dont think it will be today. Just have an eye on Members app

Whilst I  will take not be taking part tn the Beta myself,  certainly appreciate all the members who are participating  which should be to the benefit of us all in the long term.  Any input you can share is welcome.

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