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water rating on the samsung s10+


Hello every one.


I am a new samsung owner. I decided to give the s10+ a try aftr buying nothing but iPhones since 2007. I did nbuy the s4 but never took it out the box and sold it :face-with-tears-of-joy:


I am loving the samsung so far. I think both iOS and Android are great and have their own advantages.


When I used the iPhone X (2018). I was taking it into the sea with me and pool for ages and I never had a single problem with it. I got the XS max this year (which has the same rating as the s10+), and I had endless problems, but Apple boast you can take it 2M under water for 30 minutes. However, Samsung say the same water IP what ever it is can go 1.5M.


Does any one have experience with the s10+ going under water. I am really worried to even try putting a splash of water on it after the endless problems I had with the XS max, but I love taking it into the pool and taking video/pics of my son.


Any help is always appreciated.




Hello @Gregoris  again :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


Even if you have a real IP8 in your hands, you never know when time passes, so it is best to accompany it with some specialized gadget for these tasks.


I also tell you that seawater is alkaline due to its salts and its contact with electrical appliances is not beneficial, no matter how much protection you have, the water properties are different.


With thoses recommendations you will have betters pictures and more safe calm :fisted-hand:

Hey :smiling-face:


Sounds like it is better to just avoid putting it in water. Maybe I will try to tak it in the pool again when they become water proof lol

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