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USB Connection To PCs Keeps Dropping Out


I bought 2 new Samsung S10s for Christmas, one for me and one for my daughter.
We both have PCs running the very latest Windows 10 and all current updates (I check every sngle day on both PCs.
Both phones and PCs have the same issue.
We take photos on our phones and I like to connect the phones to the PC to copy them off, and also update the documents and music I keep with me on the phone.
I had no problems with our old Samsung S5s. But when I connect either S10 to either PC via a USB cable, the phone and sdcard drives appear on the PC for a few seconds, then I get 4 very quick bongs on the PC and the connection drops out. A few seconds later the drives reappear on the PC, bongs, drop out again and keeps on looping.
I purchased multiple new fast charge cables which are supposed to handle data and charging, and also tried the S5 data cables (with adapters) but the same happens with every cable.
It is hard to tell if it is a phone, cable or Windows problem.
I downloaded "SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe" and ran it but it didn't help.
Any suggestions what I can do about it please?

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Oh ... and BTW, this issue happened A LOT in 2017 and the advice was to ....   **NOT** use the Samsung cable....


Hi Beyerch. I can totally sympathise with you.  I found it annoying as hell when I couldnt connect my S10 to my windows desktop but since going back to the samsung supplied cable that came with the phone, it has worked perfectly.  I dont know which manufacture is complying with the type-C standards, the no-name chinese manufacturer of the alternative and expensive cable I was using or Samsung but if I had to take a bet on it, it would be that samsung is complying. I think they would get too much flack is they came out with some unique cable that didnt comply.  Tech types would pick up the non-compliance very quickly and it would be all over the internet in no time. Regarding software, I install all android updates as soon as they become available in Australia. 

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