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USB Connection To PCs Keeps Dropping Out


I bought 2 new Samsung S10s for Christmas, one for me and one for my daughter.
We both have PCs running the very latest Windows 10 and all current updates (I check every sngle day on both PCs.
Both phones and PCs have the same issue.
We take photos on our phones and I like to connect the phones to the PC to copy them off, and also update the documents and music I keep with me on the phone.
I had no problems with our old Samsung S5s. But when I connect either S10 to either PC via a USB cable, the phone and sdcard drives appear on the PC for a few seconds, then I get 4 very quick bongs on the PC and the connection drops out. A few seconds later the drives reappear on the PC, bongs, drop out again and keeps on looping.
I purchased multiple new fast charge cables which are supposed to handle data and charging, and also tried the S5 data cables (with adapters) but the same happens with every cable.
It is hard to tell if it is a phone, cable or Windows problem.
I downloaded "SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones.exe" and ran it but it didn't help.
Any suggestions what I can do about it please?


I also tried downloading the latest drivers v1.7.23.0 but still the same. 

Surely I can't be the only person having this problem with a standard Windows Pc, standard UK Samsung S10 and the proper S10 cables.

Oddly, my s10e has been doing this starting today.  I attempted to pair it to an Android Auto deck and it worked fine for about 5 minutes, then dropped the connection.  Now, whenever I have the phone connected via usb to either my pc or the car, the phone starts to charge/connect, then drops the connection, over and over, at the pace of maybe 2 drops/connects per second.  Very strange.  USB charging using a block or wall charger doesn't result in this behavior.  Possibly an issue with how the usb power is handled by the PC?


Im having the same problem with my S10.  Like you, i manually copy photos across to my Win 10 computer. Each time I connect the phone and unlock it, the S10 appears in Windows Explorer but after i start navigating down to the DCIM/camera folder, S10 and all subfolders just disappear from Explorer.  Unlike the OP, i dont see or hear the phone making multiple connection attempts.  Its just gone from explorer permanently.  To make it re-appear I close Explorer, disconnect and reconnect the phone and then re-open explorer. Its not consistent though. Sometimes it stays long enough for me to copy the files, other times S10 just disappears as soon as I try navigating through the S10 folders.  Generally I have to try 5 or 6 times before I get lucky.  I connect to the computer using a high quality Type-A to Type C cable. Win 10 is on auto-update and all updates have been successful and my phone is completely up to date.  I checked on windows for a newer version of the samsung USB driver but windows says its latest version. Never had this problem with my previous 2 galaxies.

This has started happening on my S10 device too. I noticed when I use the original charging cable in a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port I can browse the device but the Camera folder closes once all files loaded. I hear the USB disconnect/reconnect bleep happening multiple times, but not all the time. I then used a different USB C cable plugged into my USB 3.0 ports and the connection is stable but doesn't work in USB 2.0. I recently update my phone with the June software update and thinking this has caused the problem.


Yup, getting this as well. Started after the last update. I end up having to reboot because it seems to freeze the data connection as well.


I'm so fed up with their updating. They take forever to push anything out and when they do they break something else. Why can't they ge their act together?


And they want people to spend thousands on the new S20, LOL No Thank You.... I'm looking at different companies now This will be my last Samsung.. I've had enough.

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I bought 2 * S10s which came with cables and bought 4 more of the twisted cables that are intended for the S10 but none of them work without dropping out.  

After testing a bit more, I found the problem was the non-Samsung cable.  Ive now gone back to using the cable supplied by Samsung and im getting a rock solid connection every time. It doesnt matter whether I use a USB2.0 or USB3.0 port and Ive got fast charging turned on so it wasnt that either.  The cable I was using was much sturdier than the thin Samsung one and is rated for high power delivery and fast data throughput. Its probably a case of a manufacturer not abiding by the correct USB-C pin standards but its curious that it did establish a data connection but that connection kept dropping out.  Anyway, problem solved for me at the moment.

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This is absolutely ridiculous.


I've been using the same cables for YEARS and only after I recently allowed my phone to update (after months of feet dragging) now I connect my phone to a PC via USB.


I shouldn't need a "Samsung" USB cable, that is why it is a standard.


Really tired of this phone and the random issues, regret spending as much as I did.


Samsung, get your sh*t together.

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