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Uploading from internal memory.

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Hi. I've recently switch to an S10 from a s8 and I'm getting a problem with uploading files directly from my internal memory to onedrive. When I go to upload and select the internal memory I get a message saying cant load conten . I thought this was a problem with onedrive but in getting it with dropbox and google drive too. If I go through file manager I'm able to share the file to onedrive. I just cant do it directly through any apps. Never had the problem with s8 so it makes me wonder if this is an OS problem. Screenshot_20191011-132504_Files.jpg



To check, I don know if it will be a solution for your case my friend :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


Good weekend :four-leaf-clover:


Thanks for the suggestion but it didn't change anything 😕


Hi again Liam, are you testing if from SD it is possible?


Permision problems in last updates?


You had try to desistall App, restar and reinstall Dropbox or delete data and cache of the App?


I don't remember clearly, are you try to assign a Folder to share with Dropbox inside your phone, I remember an advance funtion for this task...


We continue speaking about:four-leaf-clover:



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