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(Un)Official "Suggestion Thread" (S10 Variants, Galaxy Watch and Buds)

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This is an unofficial thread for all suggestions for the latest Galaxy range. Although Unofficial, I have run this past SuperMod @AntS who is in constant contact with the Samung R&D team, as the current suggestion thread is a bit dated, especially with the release of the S10 line, Galaxy Watches and Buds, all within the last few months.


Please don't use this as yet another place to vent your frustrations out on various issues. Suggestions such a:


"HoW aBoUt yOu LeARn to BuILd a ProPeR FoNE"


"I SugGEsT yOu STick To WaShInG MaChinEs"


are not overly helpful and serve no purpose to the R&D Team or @AntS, where Comments such as:

"The Fingerprint Icon on the Lock Screen covers notifications when using Certain GoodLock Lockscreens"


We are in a lucky position here where we can get a lot off GOOD feedback to Samsung, So lets make the most of it. If this takes off and is Managable, I'll try and add everything to the Second Post Below.


I would love it if Samsung added a Bixby routine/action for the following


Condition: Wifi-Calling detected/active (not just wifi connection)

Action: Disable cell connection completely (like offline mode, but only for cell)


I've been told by a Samsung rep. that my poor cell reception is the reason why my battery drain is so bad, so I'd like to alliviate the issue by using this.

@Edgie70 wrote:

When you get a notification the edge lighting will light up and then every 10 seconds after the halo around the camera becomes the notification led so we can have the cool effect of the edge lighting coupled with the return of the notification led , not one or the other .

The developers have got back to us on this one, Edgie70. They say the Camera Halo function is already available via the Good Lock app; and that notifications every 10 seconds as you've suggested there would hit the battery hard. 


Although apparently not great for the battery, I agree it'd have been a cool effect though. :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

Why are you ignoring my post? 

Literally every phone has emoji suggestions.

I don't think it's that much of a problem to implement a feature that my phone from 3 years ago already had.

Hi @JBenito . The exact response we got for that predictive emoji suggestion we had a year ago was:


"Thanks for sending this suggestion to us.

Emoji prediction depends on the keyboard engine and Samsung’s keyboard engine was changed for the Note7. Unfortunately, the current engine does not support the emoji prediction feature. The developers are working to implement this feature in future models."


I've bumped that suggestion for my R&D colleagues to see if there's been any change since then though - and I'll let you know what the current situation is. :smiling-face::thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

@KillYourIdols wrote:



  • Have the Option for long Press on the watch Screen/Buttons activate Ambient Sound

Received a reply from the developers on this one, KillYourIdols:


"Because of below reasons, maintain current status

- Uses who have both Galaxy Buds and Watch are not a big number currently.

- Suggested feature requires some amount of education to recognize the feature.

- Buttons on the watch has already mapping with watch functions.'


In other words: not enough peeps have both devices (yet); and it looks like one of those things that's unlikely to have the widespread use to justify the rehaul of the current Watch it'd take to implement.


It'd be interesting to see what they do for future Wearables though, seeing as Samsung are very much about "seamless connectivity and experience" at the moment. :thinking-face:

@JBenito , The developers got back to me about the predictive emoji suggestion. The situation remains the same as far as the current models are concerned; but predictive/automatic emojis are set to be implemented in the stock keyboard of the next generation of Samsung smartphones.

@5ta1da wrote:


4/ ringer increasing volume (hello we are in 2019!!) - now I must make my own melody which has increasing level of sound

Got some feedback from the developers on this one. The current way it works is that the ringtone volume gradually increases from 0 to the user set value in two seconds. However, they like your suggestion, and reckon it'd be useful for some users. They're not sure if there'd be a wide enough demand worldwide for it at this stage in order to implement though - but they'll now be looking out for other users asking for the same thing. :thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:

I can not find my post in regards to the networking and the battery issues that accompany it.


I asked again since my first 2 postings were being ignored.

With all due respect, the control over LED cover is not a hardware related issue at all. I could go for a long rant why I'm quite sure that it operates as follows:

"Each interaction with the case (displaying information, waiting for a touch input) is phone initiated and phone controlled. No transient state is stored in the case logic and it is unpowered for the rest of the time."

I see no point in doing the rant, but I'm pretty sure, that even if few animations were actually stored in some sort of a case ROM you definitely can have coarse-grained phone software controls over it, such as not displaying player controls or not doing the notification circle animation.


I'm not even sure if I want you to raise this issue once again to get a more satisfying answer because I guess the 130€ were just not enough to pay the developers properly and they won't ever admit it (which I'm quite sad about, because the LED cover is due to annoyances a piece of electronic waste on my shelf right now).

What would be more interesting to ask if there is a documentation of the communication protocol available, or could be, at least we (the devs) would have a chance of fixing it ourselves.

I wish there were some changes in a camera application:

1. Force F1.5 aperture to work in any camera mode (even in Auto/Photo mode). F1.5 is much sharper accross the frame than F2.4.
2. Seriously to disable every single AI/HDR effect in Photo Mode. It so terrible function that destroys every single pixel of any photo is taken in Auto/Photo Mode.
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