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(Un)Official "Suggestion Thread" (S10 Variants, Galaxy Watch and Buds)

  1. Allow us to just have date displayed on the calendar widget (instead of date+to do list+that days holiday). I just want to know the date while in my homescreen.

  2. Fix the automatic brightness.

    Ever since I updated to Android 10, the automatic brightness is acting up.

    It is very keen on lowering the brightness too much. It always preferrs to make the screen much dimmer than it needs to be.

    I find myself having to raise the brightness manually ever 1-2minutes.

    Is there a way to calibrate this?? ITS TOO DARK when left on adaptive! 


For adaptive brightness issues, this procedure helped me:


1/ Go to phone Settings >Apps >Search and click on device health services >storage >Manage storage >Reset adaptive brightness.


2/ Now it took some time until the "AI" learns new brightness curve according to your habits. For me it took +- 2 days, so be patient and keep correcting level.


Hope helps.


Allow us to deny updates.  Any and all.  

Allow us to go roll back OS

Make Bixby removable

    Any news on fixing the image processing ?
  2. Allow us to install Bixby capsules. (the difference in fuctionality between Bixby of a phone that was bought in one country and another is staggering). Mine wont to simple curency conversions
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