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(Un)Official "Suggestion Thread" (S10 Variants, Galaxy Watch and Buds)

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This is an unofficial thread for all suggestions for the latest Galaxy range. Although Unofficial, I have run this past SuperMod @AntS who is in constant contact with the Samung R&D team, as the current suggestion thread is a bit dated, especially with the release of the S10 line, Galaxy Watches and Buds, all within the last few months.


Please don't use this as yet another place to vent your frustrations out on various issues. Suggestions such a:


"HoW aBoUt yOu LeARn to BuILd a ProPeR FoNE"


"I SugGEsT yOu STick To WaShInG MaChinEs"


are not overly helpful and serve no purpose to the R&D Team or @AntS, where Comments such as:

"The Fingerprint Icon on the Lock Screen covers notifications when using Certain GoodLock Lockscreens"


We are in a lucky position here where we can get a lot off GOOD feedback to Samsung, So lets make the most of it. If this takes off and is Managable, I'll try and add everything to the Second Post Below.

  1. Allow us to just have date displayed on the calendar widget (instead of date+to do list+that days holiday). I just want to know the date while in my homescreen.

  2. Fix the automatic brightness.

    Ever since I updated to Android 10, the automatic brightness is acting up.

    It is very keen on lowering the brightness too much. It always preferrs to make the screen much dimmer than it needs to be.

    I find myself having to raise the brightness manually ever 1-2minutes.

    Is there a way to calibrate this?? ITS TOO DARK when left on adaptive! :thinking-face:


For adaptive brightness issues, this procedure helped me:


1/ Go to phone Settings >Apps >Search and click on device health services >storage >Manage storage >Reset adaptive brightness.


2/ Now it took some time until the "AI" learns new brightness curve according to your habits. For me it took +- 2 days, so be patient and keep correcting level.


Hope helps.


Allow us to deny updates.  Any and all.  

Allow us to go roll back OS

Make Bixby removable


1. I want full control over which app uses data. There are some apps I dont want to ever use data (Skype, Youtube, Netflix...). Apple iPhone has this, even some other Android phones. THIS IS A MUST!!


2. Fix the "Weather" app. Why is it that everything I press, just sends me to a 3rd party website for info?!
I want all information to be shown in the app and not to direct me for everything to my browser and weather app website.

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