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Turn off cellular when wifi calling available


I was really hoping that a bixby routine would help improve my battery life, but sadly no.


I work and live in low signal areas.  I burn through my battery really fast with my phone struggling to connect.  However it doesn't need to!  I have wifi calling in both locations.  I'd really like to automatically turn of cellular calling & data when I have wifi calling available but I can't do it. 


I tried a bixby routine to turn on airplane mode and then turn on wifi and bluetooth when it detects I'm at work, but as soon as it does that it thinks I've left work and reverts.  It's obviously using gps or cell tower location to determine I'm at work, both of which disappear when I do the above.


If only I could specify a location based on the wifi network I'm connected to...

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I am experiencing the exact same problem with the bixby routing continuously cycling through the routine.

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I'm looking for simillar: When at home, turn on 2G mobile network  only...

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+1...I need this as well...exactly as described...when within range of my wifi network, turn airplane mode on and then wifi on.  When out of range, turn airplane mode off. 

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