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Trade-in - return pack not arrived yet?


My S10+ was delivered on the 8th March yet there is no trace of any bag or package to send the old device back. Anyone else in the same situation? I used the Live Chat function and they advised it would take up to 7 days from when you receive the device. It's been 7 days already; 


I also contacted Samsung on Facebook and they advised me to call Samsung Shop, which I did and they sent me the details to contact MTR, which I did. Waiting on a response but I guess it will be late next week before I hear back.


I wouldn't worry too much, but I don't want to end up losing the trade-in evaluation and having to pay the difference for their own fault. 



Got mine today as well this is the 15th day but they tell me that I've now got 7 days to return my old phone

I had my phone on 8th,only got return pack yesterday after ringing them. Then I got 2 packs.

There is only one return label in there now, the free one

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