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TMobile Band 66, Has anyone connected to it?


Using a G975F on TMobile in the States, has anyone been able to connect to Band 66 yet?


My device seems to want to squat on Bands 2 and 4, every once in a while will connect to Band 12 but it is a poor connection.


If I put my sim into my OP6, it connects right to Band 66 at my home on the same tower giving me 86-91 dbm's

Go back to my Samsung S10+ it will bounce between Bands 2 and 4 only giving me 96-104 dbm's


What is with this device squatting on weaker bands? Why does it not connect to the stronger 66 band? Did Samsung flat out lie about the hardware they stated what is in this device? Is it they completely borked the software?


After all this time with complaints on many forums about networking both on WiFi and LTE there is zero excuse for this

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