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This phone does not support the Samsung Store


Trying to get Watchmaster to work again with my gear S3 and New 10 plus !!


On loading up and trying to find the S10 it goes to online Samsung store where I just get :---

" This phone does not support the Samsung Store" I know the app "Samsung Store" works as I have installed items

from it.  It is just when the apps Watchmaster tried to download the companion app for the watch it goes to the

web and I get this notice!?!?

Is it just a case of waiting until they are ported to the new Store app?


All was great with my S8 and gear 3Sure Its a Galaxy Phone !Sure Its a Galaxy Phone !


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This is also happening with me for numerous apps. I have galaxy watch and s10+.




I am presumeing this is just the web version as when I open the normal Store APP all is ok.

But if certain apps new plugins or companion apps for say our phone's it seem that we cannot use the web version?


It is great having a direct app to the samsung store, but not great if apps need to use the web version?


If I click go to store on Samsung internet explore it just opens the store app? If I try to get the store on

Chrome is just fails? this is the browser the installed apps are trying to use ? 

May try and make samsungs the main browser! .... Terthered to Samsung with no choice of browser I use??!


So either app makers or Samsung need to factor this in.




Tried the Samsung browser as default but no change, Just get you will be taken to the Galaxy store

just reopens the same page!


Screenshot_Samsung Internet.jpg


try updating from the play store might help

No problems with Samsung store or s10+
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