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Terrible Experience - S10+

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I don't know what else do to.. I'm hoping someone can prehaps guide me to the right place.. I've had a terrible experience with getting my S10+ and still waiting for my buds.. it's 6th May today..!


1. I pre-ordered my phone from Samsung's website 22nd Feb.. everywhere on the internet said pre-orders gets delivered on the release date.. mine was delivered on the 14th March.. I live in the UK.. everyone that ordered from Curry's, Argos, any other 3rd party retailers got their phones on the release date.. yet i had to wait over a week even though I ordered mine from Samsung's website directly?


2. tried calling Samsung support.. waited 6 hours listening to hold music.. only to have the call disconnected.. then called back.. over an hour wait.. ive called a few days after that.. just hold music.. and just to save my back.. i recorded all these calls.. over 8 hours of hold music all recorded to prove terrible customer service..


3. claimed my buds.. didnt hear anything back.. so called samsung.. obviously waited ridiculouriy long to get through.. to be told "its only been 19th days since I've claimed.. that I have to wait.. so I wait.. get an email saying there's a delay and I will definitely get mine in the next 10 days.. that email was sent to me on 18th April.. 10 days (not working days) makes in 28th April.. no further emails.. no text messages.. nothing..  today is 6th May.. and im still waiting for my buds.. needless to say.. everyone who got their phone from 3rd party retailers claimed their buds and got them as early as a week after their phone arrived.. so im still ssitting there  waiting for my phone and people are walking around with their phone and their bud..! lovely slap in the face especially when they got their phone from other retailers.. not Samsung!


4. Samsung's products are good but this time I have experienced the worst of Samsung.. Echat tells you to call samsung support.. samsung support dont answer.. there's nothing else i can do and i am extremely dissapointed.. 


I want to know if there's soneone else with similar experiences because im ready to bang my head against the wall.. all the excitement for the phone was gone before i got mine and now all the excitement for the buds are gone because it's all so common now! the wait itself is starring to get on my nerves..

Sorry to hear of your disappointment, @RubbishService

Other Community members have been discussing this issue, therefore I recommend checking out the following thread.

Whilst I never bought the S10 Plus during the free buds offer, I really don't believe anyone that's waited a total of 14hrs on a call waiting to speak to a representative at Samsung.  I had / have an issue with the FP scanner on my new S10 Plus, but had a nice e-chat with a rep who was very helpful; this was followed by a call to Samsung support last Monday @ 9am and I got through instantly. Sorry, while I'm sure you'd like your free Buds, not worth spending your life on calls to them (assuming that's true of course) in a bid to get them...


thank you for bringing my attention to the thread.. Im going to chrck it out now!



Yeah.. understand what you mean about wasting my life waiting for them to answer the phone..

I guess it's common courtesy to ar least apologise for the delay and set some expectations that are likely to be met instead of complete silence..

didn't expect this type if service level at all..
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