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Stuck on the Beta software!!


Hi All.


So I signed up to the OneUI beta programme a while ago, and I de-registered from the programme back in November / December.


However, now the android 10 stable release is out, I seem to be stuck on the 3rd beta version (SK3) and I can't roll back to android 9 in order to get the official android 10 release installed. I've already tried factory resetting my phone, and using smart switch (there isn't an option to roll-back the software on there). Can anyone please help?




The tech claims he attempted to flash the os, but it only took him 15mins. When I got the phone back, the os was the same.  

Well then that's total bull - they can absolutely do it. They literally just do the equivalent of uninstalling and re-installing the OS
It does only take that long to flash a device, but if you're still on the Beta even after the flash, then I'd pop back in and ask them to look into it for you.

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