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Stories and photo tags

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I've just discovered that my s10e is creating stories from my photos and tagging some of them (with labels like forest, person, building, even name of plant in photo). I was wondering how does this feature work, particullary if any of my photos (or some data extracted from photos) is being sent anywhere for analysis? Or is this feature implemented to work without any connection to the internet?

My next question is related to the previous one, even if photos are not being sent anywhere for analysis, is the data collected during recognition of objects/people on photos collected and uploaded anywhere, or is it used to improve performance of some recognition algorithms for other users? 
And the last one, is there a way to disable features mentioned above? I don't use any cloud synchronization/onedrive/etc.

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Hi. I don't have an answer for this but one way to test it would be to put your phone on aeroplane mode and take a picture. then check to see whether or not tags have been added. it will be using machine learning but AI assistants like Bixby and Google do often require an Internet connection to work. They won't be being sent anywhere for analysis though I doubt.
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