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Sound Effects [concert hall, equalizer wheels, etc]


this is quite a naggy little thing but I just wanted to make sure it's not just my device.


The s8 and s9 sound effects had the bass/treble scroll wheel and concert hall sound effect. My s10 does not. Samsung keep telling me that these features are still there but I do not see them in the sound effects settings.


In my opinion these settings where amazing as I could really ramp up the bass for my earphones which sound tinny without the amplification. I would use an equalizer from Google play but none of them sound as well optimised as Samsung's sound effect options.


@fbessonnat wrote:
Any news about this topic ? I have on my side a Galaxy S10e and I'm listening music on my Samsung Galaxy S8 since Samsung disabled the great sound setting feature.


Unfortunately I believe samsung have just removed these features. I've been through multiple twitter conversations, samsung members feedback reports, emails etc and they just keep saying that they will let their developers know about it. Due to how many updates there have been I no longer believe that this is a mistake.


We have unfortunately lost this functionality.





Thanks for your reply.


(Gonna sale my S10e)





Nope. Doesn't work either.


Please reprogram these features ! Believe it or not this was a major decision on why I purchased an S10 over an Iphone 11 . Again these are greast features (Concert hall ect ) Thank you ..

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I found the solution for the old sound alive (concert hall sound).
All you need to do is to update to android 10 and to install soundassistant.
It could work also on android 9.0 (perhaps)
So in the app soundassistant you can found the equalizer and the option "concert hall ".
Thank you...

Just purchased the note 10+ as a trade in for my s9+.  I cannot believe Samsung removed the Tube Amp Pro & concert hall function from the note 10.  Not only is the sound so basic on the note 10 but also sounds bad through the Samsung air buds.  Thank good I'm still in the cooling off period so the phone is getting returned so ill keep my s9+.  I'm a heavy music player and for an expensive phone Samsung can't even be bothered to put these features on the phone.  Seriously thinking my next phone will not be a Samsung.  Shame  they can't be bothered to listen to their loyal purchasers. 



Don't do that ! I have news for you as soon as your S9 updates to Android 10 the sound effects will be gone too ! It's not the phone it's the version of Android .

Thanks for the heads up. Will still keep my s9+ and not update. Thanks

Hoping it will be fixed on the note10+ cuz it's sickening when you can get good sound from your priced device


Maybe the speakers on the flagship like my note 10 plus are not as good as the previous editions

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