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Since June 13th update pictures taken by 3rd party apps are too DARK (brightness issue)

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Hi there,


Does anyone recognize this issue?


Since the update of June 13th I've noticed that if I take a picture using 3rd party apps like whatsapp, facebook messenger or snapchat the picture comes out a lot darker then in the frame after focusing.


When you focus on a dark area, brightness is automatically corrected (increased in this case). But when I snap the picture the actual phote that is taken is a lot darker. Almost as if the levels are reset or even darkened.


If I use the Samsung camera all is like before; the picture comes out the same as when focused.





Samsung's (safety) update of July 13th didn't fix it


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I've received an update this morning that seems to have fixed it.

S10+ UK Unlocked

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S10 5G and this is happening, brothers got it on the s10e also...


Hopefully they fix asap 😞

Have the same problem still... 😔
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Got the same issue! Very annoying:serious-face-with-symbols-covering-mouth: hope they fix it soon...

Yes omg, I have an s10 and I have the exact same problem. It happens on snapchat, instagram and whatsapp. It is very annoying. One way to counter it is to use filters on snapchat.

Yeah the filters work but other than that, it's still the same. Hope they fix this issue soon.

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I have the same problem too on my S10 Plus. It is very annoying...

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Yes, I have the same problem too. Note10+ in Norway. It's very irritating indeed!!

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Also having this issue on my S10+ in any 3rd party app that uses the camera.

Yes, same issue on UK S10e.   Awful.

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