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Screen burn on S10+

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I've had my phone for a couple of weeks now and haven't had any problems with screen burn yet but I'm wondering if it's something I should be conscious about. I watch a lot of youtube without it in the fit to screen mode and don't want to end up with lines burned into the top and bottom of my screen. Basically my question is does anyone have any problems with screen burn yet or has samsung done something to fix the issue?

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I watch quite a few YouTube videos too @TokiyoRio  and haven't had screen burn on the x4 Samsung phones I've used extensively.


That said Samsung recognise if this does occur and typically resolves this under the 2 year manufacturing warranty.


My best advice is just to enjoy using your phone and try not go worry.

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Hello i got the burn in in my s6 ,then my s7 and not8 ,then i realized what the problem is ...
So i didnt turn the brightness more than 60% for 1 year on my note9 and everything is okay , same thing with my s10+..
I believe that the high brightness is burnings the pixels .
Hope samsung will make a brightness controller by a thermal sonsor on the screen .
Or maybe they will not , they will just push to buy a new samsung phone after 2 years of using :smiling-face:

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