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Samsung Upgrade Program Problems


Hello everyone, I have been having a nightmare of a time trying to upgrade through the "Samsung upgrade program"

I decided in Feb.2018 to buy/finance the Note 8 unlocked in the midnight blue color and opted in to the Samsung upgrade program. (Screenshot to prove order) as the dates got closer and closer to Feb 2019 i was checking on the upgrade page my eligibility...I noticed it said 11 days left until upgrade qualifying and then 10 days left until upgrade qualification. Then it disappeared early feb.2019. Its now April.2019 and it says " you do not have a device that qualifys.

1. I financed through Samsung got a approved and I am almost done paying off the phone (I have 400$ left on it as of today)(over 800$ in available credit) on time payments and account good standing

2. I am passed the 365 days. I actually have owned the phone for 430 days.

3. The note 8 is in perfect condition HARDLY any wear and tear extremely minor no cracks or anything.


Now I've met all the requirements, have read all the terms and conditions even the fine print no one reads. I have done everything!


I have called Samsung about 20 times, I have chatted I have sent emails and all they said is we will get back to you we understand you cannot see a upgrade option. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting since February. I've missed on on upgrading to the S10+ in which I missed promotions. I was going to get the newest phone pay off the balance before the note 10 came out and just upgrade then. Samsung is losing me slowly I mean all I want to do is spend my money with Samsung. What should I do? Does anyone have any leads ? Number or email? At one point and time someone even said we are sorry the supervisor dont want to talk to you because you have no case number. 


Thanks for the discussion I'll be happy to answer any questions




I am having the same problem.  Did you get a reponse.  I am about to make a Small Claims court n the UK but the cannot find a name of any senior manager in the UK to address the small claim too!  Any help on that is appreciated!

Keep calling and emailing them they will eventually do it. Took a few months but I got it

Thanks ... I am into month 8 of writing.  As much as I think the Samsumg phones are better than iPhones, this is really putting me off Samsung.  Will try one more and then switch to a worse phone that comes with a lot less stress.

WOW I waited about 3 months but I kept emailing back to their emails that said they were looking into and eventually I kept replying saying I'm still waiting and that you guys are driving me away and eventually they got it

I have a similar problem - trying to upgrade from Note 9 to 10 - but after Samsung themselves told me to cancel the order as they couldn't add Care+ (which wasn't offered at the time as part of the upgrade) - Now I can't upgrade with a "sorry for the inconvenience, please try again" 


I've never seen worse customer service in my life - I'm giving them 1 more week and even though I love the phone their customer service is beyond terrible.

The support centre people in the Philippines are nice people but no empowered. I have submitted my legal action and Sumsung have responded by appointing a law firm who have asked for evidence of my claim. I have all emails. The target date for resolution is mid October, 10 months after the upgrade was due. With hindsight, I think I should have stopped paying my premiums as I think Samsumg would have been in touch then! Hey ho

since monday i have been trying to upgrade my s10 to the s20 ultra via my samsung upgrade scheme email. after imputting all the information including the klarna bit. im am left with a continuous loading circle and the page freezes. i have spoken to you several time and am getting nowhere. should i give up on samsung and go for another brand.
Rhen joined the chat
Thank you for chatting This is Rhen, your Expert and I'll be happy to assist you. May I ask for your name, please?
I hope you are doing well and safe, Mike.
May I know your email address please?
I am going to check the order.
If it's gone through or not.
Please be informed that we are unable to see any orders online.
Try it again.
i have been trying for three days
are you seriously telling me there is no other way of me upgrading. samsungs customer care is shocking
Try it again using the link I provided and if it's not working you may try within 2-3 hours later.
again i have been given the same advice for three days. i want to speak to a manager.
Kindly call us at 0330-726-7467 or send an email using for further assistance.
againg i have done this and spoken to someone who said they couldnt help

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