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Samsung s10 is Blocked

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I'm from Ukraine and I have bought few days ago in my country Samsung s10. It was at almost new condition, but unpacked. It was works fine few hours after I buy it. When I came home, I make full reset and start data transfer from my old samsung phone. It ask to update some components and then it blockes. On the screen I can see the message with some code and I just can write PIN code. I cant do anything with is. I have contacted my local Samsung customer service, and received an answer that this phone is not corporate and must not be blocked. Thay send me manual to wipe data\hard reset. But it doesn't work. In recovery mode hard reset is forbidden. I can't do anything with this phone.

And I dont know why it is blocked.

I have wrote to e-mail address that shown on block screen, but 3 days have no answer.

Yesterday I have contacted Samsung customer support via WEB-form from Italy site (It seams to be my phone from Italy, but I am not sure), but I have no answer from them too.


Does anyone know why it is locked and how to unlock it?



Hello everyone, my name is Sergey, I am from Ukraine, I will tell you about my problem.
I bought a new sealed phone, SGS10 inserted a SIM card into it, called it checked, it seems that there was nothing, the phone was very pleased, there was no internet on the SIM card.
I came home, connected to a Wi-fi network, and the phone started to download something, after which the SDSIT lock appeared on the screen, I can not do anything with it.
Comrades, who knows what can be done with him?
Or just a throwaway, a brand new phone.photo_2020-06-11_08-16-18.jpgphoto_2020-06-11_08-16-16.jpg
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