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Samsung S10+ Galaxy Buds claim with pre order

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I can't see the Benefits option in the Samsung Members App. Contacted to the tectechnic assistant but they don't know what is going on. They say they are getting complaints from many customers. Anyone got their Buds through the App yet?

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well now i cant see them and says im not elgible for it but i am i purchiest the s10+ and now i cant see them please fix

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Samen here in the Nederlands i get to click the button claim but heen i do the page doasnt load up

It tells me the same...I am really annoyed now...

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I ain't getting anything up theres nothing in my benefits 


I was getting blank screen when clicking on claim buds but now option has gone

Yeah I've tried multiple times but it's not even showing up anymore.

Same here, when originally tried the page went white now has taken the benefit of the page. This is shocking my samsung


I'm not eligible now. So annoying but I'm sure it'll be sorted.

There are no doubt hundreds of thousands of people trying to get on the page at the same time, guys chill out.... they don't have to be claimed today 


The buds were in my benifits but now the benifit has gone alltogether !!

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