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Samsung S10+ Galaxy Buds claim with pre order

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I can't see the Benefits option in the Samsung Members App. Contacted to the tectechnic assistant but they don't know what is going on. They say they are getting complaints from many customers. Anyone got their Buds through the App yet?

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Same here. Blank screen - London


Same here in Wales. It's ridiculous.

Same  happening  to me. Loads a blank page. 

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im getting a blank screen when clicking on them proply it overloaded the page and now thay r trying to fix it


Cant see the benefits tab either on mine and not showing up on the news or tips either. I'm in Ireland 

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Same here I don't even have the benefits tab instead there is a notice button. And nothing is in it 

From Ireland and no benefit claim tab visible... so annoying 

In Ireland too

No option to claim ear buds

Usles same here cant get them so sending the phone back
Same here, you are not alone 😂
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