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samsung s10 auto brightness not working good




I have a samsung s10 neverlocked have updated and have the problem with auto brightness also in low light ...on my s9 worked perfect in any condition.....also in s10 even in sunlight it's very hard to archive maximum as it should....i have tested on 2 s10 they have the same problem....


- i have performed a full reset..wipe cache nothing no fix


i have notice that the phone does not have a light sensor...even if you put your finger on the front camera the auto brightness still moves .....also if you acces this *#0*# you cannot find the light sensor because it's not there like old samsung phones 


maybe it has some in display sensor or something but we need a software fix 


other are having the same problems ....


MirceaForce and myself have been briefly PM'ing each other about this one, but just to let any others who're also experiencing this issue know: I've made our software team aware of this issue, and any error reports with log files you guys can send on it via the Members app would be very useful. (On the updated Members app it's: Members > Get Help > Send Feedback > Error Reports > [select error type] > attach a description and tick ‘send system log data’ > Send.)

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yes we will do this 


also when i updated device care the phone restarted ...because in the device care via galaxy store it says that your phone will restart after the update ....this is not normal.....can get this to the developers 


Related to this topic - I had pre-ordered an S10 which presented brightness and display clarity issues. The display resolution is simply visibly inferior compared side by side to an S9+ which has a number of options including Adaptive Display which renders a better image quality. It looks like this feature has been removed from S10/S10+ and only Adaptive Brightness is available but apparently doesn't even work properly. I though I was unlucky with the actual S10 unit so I have ordered an S10+ which again when compared with the S9+ looks much worse. Even when the blue light filter is on/off the image quality (independetly of the resolution is jsut not as defined and as bright. The white looks slighlty off. I have tried all sort of settings but not much luck. Both brightness and actual image quality (despite being supposedly better displays) looks by far worse. I have phoned both support and Samsung Shop but they couldn't help...before returning the S10+ too I wanted to give it another shot in case somebody came across the same and found a solution? Screen looks crisper and whiter on S9+Screen looks crisper and whiter on S9+Missing feature on S10/S10+Missing feature on S10/S10+Adaptive brightness seems to be better on S9+Adaptive brightness seems to be better on S9+


did you try high performance mode from device care and a restart after ?


yes the adataptive is a mess ..they need to fix this issue 


Yep. also tried that thanks. Slightly better but still noticeable worse off compared to S9+. Not sure if there is some calibration they need to do and some patches that will come out hopefully soon. I don't want to think that the newer and apparently improved displays are actually worse performing around color saturation and brilliance...


yes i see this also...if you use vivid colors are very high and not to good for your eyes 

in the other side if you use natural the colors are washed and you lose the white .....

i also have a s9 and colors are fare more accurate then the s10

I cannot understand how reviews thinks the s10 has the most accurate colors etc...i think they are paid for real use it's no  good at all 

also please do the same report this via samsung members like i did

you have the s10+ and the s10 ?>


p.s if other have this problem report to samsung members and write here...if not they will not change a thing if 2 people say this....:((((


I thought I was the only one who noticed this problem with the display and brightness, Recently me and my friend had a phone comparison with his S9 and my S10. In a single look i really noticed the better brightness and display of the S9. The display on the S9 made the S10's dsplay more inferior I too noticed that in the same level of brightness the S9 looks more vibrant and more brighter than the s10, In addition to this the difference the white color on the S9 and S10 are totally noticeable the S9 has the more spot on white color on the display whereas the S10 has an off white. I wanted this to be fixed because I paid premium for this phone but I was really disappointed when the S9 shows more superior display than my more "advanced" S10. Please help us Samsung team. 


yes still no fix


also can you please report this ?


i'm also having same issues with wifi/range etc


this must be fixed 

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